Monday, September 14, 2009

A few works in progress

So to make my blog as a more unique place for my art, I decided that I would post some Work in Progress pics of the many things I got goin on. From my new Electivolt pic to the elusive Smash Bros pic I've been working on. Click read more to see 'em!

The first pic I got here is the draft/lineart of the Electivolt picture I'm working on for the Legendary Pokemon contest I've entered on deviantART.

Next up is the final coloring of a sketch a friend of mine did (Nokemy on Furaffinity.) I started on it a while ago, but forgot about it until recently where I got back to working on the image.

Here is just one panel of a Layton meme I started.

Now for the elusive Smash bros picture I've been drawing for the past month. This however is just a teeny tiny clip from the overall image. I'm still working on the boat and the charaters (along with other details like rain) but you can see why this is taking some time. This image just shows about 1/24 of the full image. So this is a very small preview. I post another preview when I get more done!

Now I sincerly sorry for the annoying watermarks on all of the images, but I got to keepem since this images arn't done yet. I can't have people stealing my unfinished works, now can I. ^^

Well that's all for now.


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