Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to WD

Omegaro (Matt Smith):

Well this is new. I've always knew about how people would keep their life's issues and happenings on blogs like these, but I always found them time consuming and pointless... Sadly I was right, but it is an enjoyable manner to use spare time. ^^

Welcome to my Blogspot - Without Denouement [dey-noo-mahn]. That's just a fancy way of saying without a finale, climax, conclusion or any other synonym for ending. It's just more fun to say! I'll be keeping track of my art, projects, ranting, raving, life's trifles, and so much more on here. I'll even have artworks on here that I will not post anywhere else! So there's some incentive for visiting here!

For the next week, I'll be posting some of my older artworks and compare them to some new works! Just to see how I've improved in the last few years! ^^

Well Cya later~

PS: I'm not always going to be the one talking in these posts, I thought it would be humorious if I made some of my original character's post some articles here! (just to be different/crazy)

PPS: I won't call this site by it's full name from now on. I'll just abriviate it to WD

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