Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ya know those great old games that just made you feel good about your passion in games even more? I do, so here are some pics I've done over the years showing my love for games~ (Click read more to see them all!)

 A sketch I did one day (about an hour's time) featuring most of my fave game characters from the past!

With faces like Tomba, Banjo, Beat, Amaterasu, Bowser, Sora, and more~!

The legendary Pokemon Entei. Pokemon Silver & Gold were two of my most favorite games growing up.

A crazy quick sketck done in 40 minutes. Featuring Sheik from Zelda. (also kinda old drawing)

Ah, Princess Peach. Is there anything she can't do... besides not get kidnapped by bowser, or make saving her worth while, or not being a general stereotype for all women everywhere?

Well she did have her own game on the DS...where she cried... a lot...

Space invaders...they're coming. I mean look at it. They practically painted a date in the background.

This image is actually over 3 years old, but I still love it.

Well that's just a tiny sample of the excessive amount of video game fan art I do. I may do a sequel post to this one later. ^^

~Omegaro/Matt Smith

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